Taking your pet abroad

The holiday season is coming up!

Many pet owners are not aware of the changes to pet travel since Brexit.

If you are planning on travelling to an EU country (Or Northern Ireland) Unfortunately British pet passports are no longer a thing! Instead, they have been replaced by single-use (There and back) ‘Animal health certificates’ which must be issued within 10 days of travel and are valid for 4 months for getting you back.

The Rabies vaccine is also required for travel and the Animal health certificate cannot be issued for an unvaccinated pet. The Rabies vaccine must be administered at least 21 days prior to the animal health certificate.

If you have any plans for travelling we would urge you to arrange an appointment for the Rabies vaccine.. sooner rather than later!

Please give us a wee call if you would like to arrange an appointment or to discuss the process in more detail.


  • Microchip
  • Valid Rabies Vaccination
  • An animal health certificate (unless you have a pet passport issued in an EU country or Northern Ireland)

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