Veterinary Post Graduate Development Programme: 

The ethos for Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic is to allow new graduates to develop and flourish at their own pace with support from their experienced colleagues.

The practice is accredited to Tier 2 in the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme which ensures that current standards and procedures are adhered to and allows the correct development of our new graduates in how to carry out day to day procedures.

Timing for consultations is increased to allow time for a thorough clinical work up along with on hand support from an experienced colleague. Surgery is developed at the individual’s own pace to allow confidence and dexterity to grow. Dedicated time is set aside to review the GPD portfolio with the Vet GPD advisor within the practice. Reflection is a principal priority to develop learning and understanding with realistic goals set in place.

We aim to support and promote the development of new young veterinary surgeons and make their journey into the world of general practice as smooth as possible. 

Working at Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic has been instrumental in further developing my skills as a recently qualified veterinarian. I was able to take on and work up a diagnostic plan for more complex cases, as well as improve my procedural and surgical skills. Whenever I received feedback, it was in a good and positive manner.
I felt that I was strongly supported by my colleagues and help was never far away if I ever needed it. The pace of the clinic is also just nice, with generous consultation times for more complex cases. Cases are also shared and openly discussed as a team to learn and improve from. Recent or newly graduated veterinarians will also be well supported by the VetGPD programme.
Queens Crescent Veterinary Clinic prides itself on being a very family-oriented clinic and I definitely felt welcomed from the moment I stepped into the clinic.
Dr Joel Cheong BVMS, MRCVS